Afternoon report: ESPN, Tebow, tweeting restrictions and more

* University of Washington caps live game coverage and threatens to revoke a reporter’s credentials. (
* John Koblin examines ESPN’s love for Tim Tebow and asks: “How can the company produce honest journalism when it’s in business with, well, everybody?” (
* Chris Berman apologizes for ESPN’s “Roethlisberger ‘Drink & Drunk'” graphic. (
* Poynter’s deal with ESPN is just about up. (@richarddeitsch) | Maybe ESPN needs two ombuds. (@richarddeitsch)
* USA Today general manager Susie Ellwood is named Austin American-Statesman publisher. (
* Nate Silver: “I have to, frankly, avoid the tendency to spread myself too thin.” (
* NBC plans to change the “Today” show leadership. Alexandra Wallace will be in charge of all four hours. (
* Will Mark Thompson be able to focus on NYT as the BBC meltdown gets gooier and gooier? asks Ken Doctor. (
* Non-GOP candidates are excluded from a weekly paper’s coverage. (
* Do PR people and journalists really hate each other? (
* New York Daily News staffers get an update on their flooded headquarters. (
* Houston Chronicle says its “Top Workplaces Guide” is “one of our most prolific and profitable initiatives.” (