Morning report

* Mark Thompson begins his duties as New York Times Co. CEO. ( | A mistake, says Ken Doctor. (
* David Carr on Thompson: “I don’t see anything that would prevent him from doing his job.” (
* New scandal creates crisis at BBC. ( | Two more execs step aside. (
* Is the death of newspapers the end of good citizenship? (
* “We’re closer to Fox News than we’ve ever been,” says MSNBC boss. (
* School district tells Texas newspaper: We’re suing if you don’t pull mismanagement articles about us. (
* Departing “Marketplace Money” host Tess Vigeland confesses she’s never been good with money. (
* Organizers of the “dowdy” National Book Awards dinner try to make the event glamorous. (
* Larry Beaupre, editor who took the fall for the Chiquita phone-hacking scandal at the Cincy Enquirer, is dead at 68. (
* “It’s apparent that people still want their blogs turned into books.” (
* Bold design break — red type! — for Los Angeles Times’ overdose series. (
* Arianna Huffington wants you to watch your stress level. (