[UPDATED] Guy’s gutted by New York Times critic; Burger King gets it next?

Just one of the many tweets reacting to New York Times restaurant critic Pete Wells’ skewering of Guy’s American Kitchen & Bar:

“No response from Mr. Fieri or the restaurant,” Wells tells me. I called Guy’s and Ivan Cordero, one of the managers, declined comment on the review. Update: He called back with the name of a publicist to contact. I’ve asked her for comment. (Guy’s is located in the former New York Times headquarters.)

UPDATE: I asked famous (and restaurant-friendly) Olive Garden reviewer Marilyn Hagerty what she thought of Wells’ critique. The Grand Forks Herald restaurant reviewer hasn’t responded to my email yet. || UPDATE II: She’s too busy to answer emails today. I just read that Anderson Cooper surprised her on his show with a 12-day Mediterranean cruise package. (I didn’t know until now that she’s a show regular.) || UPDATE III: I never did hear from the Guy’s publicist.

Marilyn Hagerty sent this email at 10:03 p.m. Thursday:

Hi Jim …I just now got home from New York where I was on Anderson Cooper show today …We were talking about the combined Olive Garden and Red Lobster under one roof … Something new Darden is doing in small markets…so just for fun I went to Waycross, Ga., and reported on it …

So I haven’t been aware of anything else because I have been on five airplanes the past four days …. The review is very interesting, but I wonder why a person would write a completely negative review. I don’t know what is the point. I guess there are many ways of thinking! Marilyn