Morning report: David Carr critiqued; the “Farm Babe” keeps her job; and more

* Photo has Washington Post reader accusing the paper of being ‚ÄúPalestinian sympathizers.” (
* Oprah gushes about Microsoft’s Surface tablet — from her iPad. (
* Two D.C. writers critique David Carr’s piece on the Washington Post. ( | (
* Sports editors to meet with NCAA over coverage issues. (
* OC Register columnist: “I give thanks that I feel more like a newspaperman than I have in years.” (
* OK, we get it — Charles Krauthammer has a face made for radio. (
* Magazine publisher Future says its tablet magazines are bringing in $1 million a month. (
* Newspaper carrier alerts family to early morning Thanksgiving Day fire. (
* Wisconsin news talk station fires most of its news department, but keeps the “Fabulous Farm Babe.” ( | Visit the “Babe” on Facebook. (
* Sorry, Chris Matthews, but Fox News’s Bob Beckel wins cable’s “Biggest Foul Mouthed Loose Cannon” title. (