Politico looks ahead to 2016 – 15 days after the election

Just fifteen days after the election, Politico was already writing about the 2016 presidential race. (“Rick Santorum is telling friends he wants to run again. …Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker also harbors national ambitions and remains a favorite of tea party conservatives.”)

So soon? I thought.

But then I did a quick search and discovered that Politico in 2008 wrote about possible 2012 GOP contenders on Nov. 9 — just five days after the election.

Here’s what Jonathan Martin wrote in his “GOP Gears Up for 2012” story:

Politico in 2008: Romney “uncertain” about 2012 run.

* Mitt Romney: “Sources close to the CEO-turned-politician say he’s very much uncertain about whether he’ll run for elective office again and is keeping a close eye on what direction the party takes in the months ahead, especially with regard to Palin. Romney is extraordinarily close to members of his family, and most are opposed to another run.”
* Bobby Jindal: “Though only 37 and in his first year in statewide office, Jindal is already drawing rave reviews.”
* Tim Pawlenty: The former Minnesota governor told Politico: “My day job is an honor and a privilege, and my focus is here.”
* Sarah Palin: “A source close to the Alaska governor says that she has been bruised by the finger-pointing in her direction by anonymous campaign aides … but that she’s also ‘clearly an ambitious woman.'”

* Nov. 9, 2008: GOP gears up for 2012 (politico.com)
* Nov. 21, 2102: Republicans, 2016 – in full swing (politico.com)