Afternoon report

* You’ll never read about gay rights or see the word “pig” in The National, the English-language newspaper run by the government of the United Arab Emirates. (
* Ron Fournier goes from editor-in-chief to editorial director at National Journal. (
* Sarah Lacey says Mathew Ingram is “1,000% right” about paywalls not being the newspaper industry’s savior. (
* Toledo Blade gives nonsubscribers 20 free digital stories a month, and then it’s $5.99 for the first six months and $5.99 each month after that. (
* Sun-Times loses its metro editor to just-launched DNAInfo Chicago. (
* Ombud: NYT photo caption could have been better, but it wasn’t “Orwellian” as Greg Mitchell claims. (
* “Ms. was the first mass circulation magazine to report the truth about what was happening in women’s lives,” says a founding editor. (
* Denver Post outsources 29 call center jobs to Honduras. (
* Connie Schultz is wrong about Clark Kent; he’s no traitor to the newspaper business. (
* Bill O’Reilly has a nutrition tip that’s especially handy around the holidays. (
* Men who tried to steal holiday tips from Milwaukee Journal Sentinel carriers get jail time. (