Brian Tierney sued for using his name in violation of agreement

Poynter Foundation chairman and former Philadelphia Media publisher Brian Tierney is being sued by his old PR firm, Tierney Communications, for using his own name in another business, which he agreed not to when he left the firm. Tierney now heads Brian Communications Group.

The suit notes that Tierney is using the phrase “A Brian Tierney Company” under his logo and on its website.

Stephanie Farr reports:

Tierney Communications also claims that Tierney owns the domain name, and that when Internet users enter it into a web browser, they are taken to the Brian Communications Group site.

The suit claims that Tierney is trying to “confuse clients and prospective clients” of Tierney Communications and misdirect them to his new company.

Tierney declined to comment to the newspaper he once owned. (It sounds like he fits right in at Poynter, which tried to keep using my name after I resigned last November.)

* Tierney vs. Tierney: What’s in a name? (