Daily Californian sex columnist ends the semester with a bang

Nadia Cho (at left) tweeted the above three days after writing about her Thanksgiving eve “sex tour through campus” in the Daily Californian, then reading the first comment about it: “I hope UCPD [University of California Police Department] reads this and arrests her for a violation of California Penal Code Sec. 314,” which prohibits exposing private parts in any public place.

The UC Berkeley journalist reports she had sex in the library (“Pick a section of books that people won’t ever think to look up, like the British Royal Academy archives”), a classroom (“It felt great to have sex in a classroom that I used to hate sitting in for hours without cellphone reception”), and other campus spots.

I sent Cho a few questions and will post her responses, if they come in.

* Cho: “Experience a few frisky things during your time here” (dailycal.org)
* Cho’s “Sex on Tuesday” archive from the fall semester (dailycal.org)
* Feb. 8, 2012: Sex on campus: actually doable? (dailycal.org)