Why The Daily failed

Trevor Butterworth, who wrote about tech and other matters for The Daily iPad publication, writes on his Facebook wall:

So, The Daily meets its doom on December 15. The editorial section, et moi, bit the dust over the summer, so not much of a shock. The single biggest failing?
You can’t create an entirely new brand and take it behind a paywall after 4 weeks, while limiting its footprint on the Internet, and then expect people to buy it. Where was the marketing? Second, it simply added more average-reader content to a market saturated with free average-reader content. It didn’t have the courage to be cool, quirky, nerdy, obsessive or snarky.

Its demise is a wake-up call for those who confuse cool technology with being cool – and those who think more of the sameness is going to produce a paying customer base for a mainstream media product.

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