Morning report

* “Why not offer to help him instead of snapping a picture?” a New York Post reader asks after seeing the cover on the left. (@richiewilsonNYC)
* “Was it proper for the Post to splash such a harrowing shot of a man about to die on its cover?” (Gawker)
* The freelance photographer says he hoped the train driver would see his flash. (
* “Guy on the tracks is the Kitty Genovese of our time.” (@nickconfessore)

* In the spring of 2011, Roger Ailes tried to get David Petraeus to run for president. “I thought the Republican field [in the primaries] needed to be shaken up,” he tells Bob Woodward, who has a recording of the Petraeus-Ailes rep meeting. (
* No more [expletive deleted] for veteran Philly mob reporter now that he’s blogging without an editor. (
* Fox News is still fighting the “War on Christmas.” (
* Wal-Mart stops talking to The Huffington Post — again. (
* Ex-Review-Journal publisher: I never let my views of Harry Reid affect news decisions. (
* Check out the trailer for a documentary on the demise of American newspapers. (
* CNNers look forward to Jeff Zucker’s arrival. (
* “I am the office grandmother now, and it’s time to go,” writes Baltimore Sun reporter Mary Gail Hare. (
* Philadelphia Inquirer metro columnist Monica Yant Kinney quits daily journalism. (
* South Dakota’s richest dog reacts to news of The Daily folding. (
* New York Times standards editor goes over “our latest batch of homophone problems.” (
* James Whelan, the first editor of the Washington Times, dies at 79. (