Evening report: WaPo’s paywall, Plain Dealer’s tentative deal, and a yearbook apology

The Washington Post is likely to put up a metered paywall in 2013. “One person familiar with the matter said the paywall will be introduced no earlier than next summer,” reports the Wall Street Journal’s Keach Hagey. She hears there will be a newsstand price increase, too. (wsj.com)
UPDATE: The Post is now reporting, too, that it “will probably start charging online readers for access to newspaper articles in the middle of next year.” The Post’s source is only identified as “a person familiar with the plans.”

Long reluctant to charge for online content, the newspaper is close to a decision to introduce digital subscriptions and charge online readers once they surpass a certain number of articles or multimedia features a month, the person said. Access to the home page and section fronts would not be limited.

* Washington Post reportedly considering adding a paywall (washingtonpost.com)

* Daily Beast considers charging for its website. (adage.com)
* Chicago Tribune is using Journatic again, but only on a limited basis. (chicagotribune.com)
* Roger Ebert is hospitalized with a fractured hip. (chicagotribune.com)
* Bill prohibiting career officials from participating in “background or off-the-record” sessions with reporters “a classic example of overkill.” (washingtonpost.com)
* New York Times Washington bureau chief David Leonhardt takes questions on Reddit. (reddit.com)
* Catholic school apologizes after student’s testicles are exposed in a yearbook photo. (thestar.com) | (gawker.com)
* John E. Mulligan leaves the Providence Journal Washington bureau after 32 years. (Providence Journal eEdition)
* UT-San Diego catches city workers snapping photos from a boom lift on “the taxpayers’ dime”; commenters blast the paper for its report. (utsandiego.com)
* George Zimmerman sues NBC over edited Trayvon Martin tape. (nymag.com)
* San Francisco Chronicle pays $200 million to amend $1 billion printing contract. (theglobeandmail.com)
* Cleveland Plain Dealer and the Newspaper Guild have a tentative agreement. (facebook.com/savetheplaindealer)
* Dan Froomkin leaves The Huffington Post to focus on a new accountability journalism project. (facebook.com/froomkin)