Morning report: The Pope tweets; The Verge makes money; Ann Curry’s future; and more

* Owners of the UT-San Diego and the Orange County Register are interested in Tribune’s newspapers. (
* A Twitter employee was by the pope’s side when the first @pontifex tweet went out. ( | (@pontifex)
* Gawker digs up New York Times’ 12-12-12 story from 1912. (
* Rupert Murdoch: “Bloomberg may buy FT but likes New York Times too. Both small change for him and new challenge after 12 years great public service.” (@rupertmurdoch)
* Ann Curry to CNN? “Any speculation at this point is just silly,” says a network rep. (
* A Shreveport meteorologist is fired for responding to a racist Facebook post. (
* Many mainstream news outlets, including Washington Post and NBC, never mentioned Jenni Rivera’s name until Sunday. (
* Ray Suarez’s advice to young journalists: “Know a lot of things about a lot of things, and one or two things more than anybody else.” (
* Gannett Foundation’s annual IRS report is “kind of interesting.” (
* Gay Talese thinks Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter would make a great ambassador. (
* Office workers are interrupted – or self-interrupt – roughly every three minutes. (More often in newsrooms?) (
* Tech site The Verge is “very profitable” after just one year. (

– Dec. 10 “Hi and Lois”

* One vote for print from Dawg in “Hi and Lois.” (