Some of Romenesko’s favorite posts of 2012

This journalist’s name is Yang Wang, not Yank Wang! A very unfortunate byline typo.

A laid-off New York Times carrier writes a classy farewell letter to customers. “At the end, I won’t lose the hope in this great nation.”

Be careful with those stock photos! It goes without saying, a story about rape shouldn’t be illustrated with a photo of really happy women.

How Amy Harmon got Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle mixed up. It was “a relatively small mistake that marred a story I had poured my heart into,” says the New York Times reporter.

A newspaper crease makes snuggling a crime. How cute!

Words journalists use that people never say. When’s the last time you said “mercurial” while chatting with a friend?

How Margalit Fox came to write “the most bad-ass obit ever.” The New York Times journalist says “a story like this pretty much writes itself. There was so much amazing stuff between the cradle and the grave.”

How Google autocompletes questions about news outlets and media people. “Why is Rupert Murdoch evil.”

Meet the people who thought the Titanic disaster was only a movie. That actually happened?! “How am I just finding this out?” one person asks.

Journalists’ first C-SPAN appearances. Young Mike Allen, Howard Kurtz, Jill Abramson and others.

Anniston Star gets applause for its “Driving Mitt Crazy” headline. A Romenesko reader says: “Anyone who can get a ‘Driving Miss Daisy’ reference into this campaign is 20 times the writer I’ll ever be.”

Editor is surprised his Rick Santorum headline went viral. I’m not.

A most-unfortunate Post-It note placement. We later learned that it was put there by a prankster.

An editor writes a news story to go along with her obituary. The Wisconsin journalist made sure the facts were correct in her life story.

“I’ve been acquired — read all about it!” Khristopher Brooks was thrilled to get a new newspaper job and announced it in a press release. Unfortunately he ended up losing the job.

A New York Times reporter defends a Forbes writer. She was accused of stealing his work.

pintA photo of a pint-sized Washington Post reader goes viral. The almost 3-year-old’s mother says: “She always picks up the paper. It’s the color photos that draw her to it.”

What magazines do you miss the most? National Lampoon, Spy, Wigwag, Circus, Omni, and many others are mentioned by Romenesko readers.

Yes, I *would* vote for Romney or Obama. Confusing results for the Question of the Week.

A New York Times summer intern covers the Mets’ first no-hitter. It’s the feel-good sports reporting story of 2012.

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