Ken Kurson is the sixth New York Observer editor in seven years

Kurson rocking out in 1987

Kurson rocking out in 1987

A letter to the New York Observer staff says Ken Kurson “knows the ideas, stories and voices that make up New York better than anyone. He is a journalist and an author and through his years as a consultant observed the figures who create the framework of business, politics, media, tech, culture and real estate in our city.”

Kurson, 44, is an Esquire contributing editor, the founder of Green personal finance magazine, and a former Giuliani Partners staffer.

From Fishbowl NY:

Kurson’s Republican ties will certainly cause some to wonder (perhaps more than they already do) about the objectivity of the Observer.

Kurson, of course, thinks it’s no big deal. “People will think what they want,” he told the Times. “I will have to earn their trust. I have had a long and honorable journalistic career, calling it like I see it and being a straight shooter.”

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