Morning report

Today’s “Dilbert”
* Dear Huffington Post: It’s time to grow up. (
* Ann Friedman: What Hamilton Nolan misses in his “Journalism is not narcissism” essay. (
* Steve Buttry: Journalism isn’t narcissism, but it’s not machinery either. (
* BuzzFeed is notably old-school in one significant way: it’s a people-heavy business. (
* Glenn Beck’s interest in Current TV was rebuffed “within 15 minutes.” (
* Al Jazeera may now have to stop streaming on the web. (
* Why Al Jazeera buying Current is good for the media and the country. (
* Jay Rosen: “Core users have been ‘giving’ to Andrew Sullivan’s site for years.” (
* Arthur O. Sulzberger’s obit was the fourth-longest NYT obit in the last 30 years. (
* Northwestern University lecturer encourages everyone to take one photo a day. (
* Advice column editor decides there’s no such thing as advice. (
* Indiana University mulls merger of the School of Journalism with other media departments. (
* Ex-editors of Albuquerque alt-weekly start a nonprofit news site. (
* Jury can’t decide if former Guns & Ammo editor is guilty of fatally shooting one of his friends. (
* News judgment of the newspaper in “Back to the Future” is called “exceedingly bizarre.” (