Salt Lake Tribune reporter says Morning Glory Road story was hard to report

The Provo Daily Herald ran a story on Wednesday about the city of Lehi approving a tech company’s request that Morning Glory Road be changed to Morning Vista Road.
The Herald story noted that “the term ‘morning glory’ can have a sexual meaning,” but it didn’t tell readers any more.

“They buried what we all thought was the lead” — that “morning glory” is slang for a male erection, says Salt Lake Tribune reporter Cimaron Neugebauer. “I saw the name change as an agenda item [for the council meeting], but initially didn’t think anything of it assuming it had to do with the development’s growth. Boy was I wrong.”

He was assigned to explain the street’s name change to Tribune readers.

“It was hands down the most uncomfortable story I have ever had to interview for,” Neugebauer writes in an email. “Most of the people I had to talk to to get the records were women. So I would just do a half-smile and say ‘Look, this is really awkward, but I’m here doing a story on the name change for a road that is apparently offensive.’

“Thankfully most knew exactly what I was talking about and I didn’t have to say anymore and they got me the city council minutes and records I was looking for to document the story. Imagine asking a resident in the city what they think about the name of their cross street being a slang for a morning boner (shudders).

He adds: “100% of people and (some major perverts too) I have talked to on Twitter have all said this is a term they had never heard of.”

Neugebauer’s “erection connection” piece has over 500 comments, including this one (with 15 Likes): “From the same state that brought you the flap about Elvis Presley’s ‘All Shook Up’ comes another misanthropic, paranoid, sexual-innuendo restriction. Wonder why people think the Mormons are a little bit ‘off’?”

* City changes name of Morning Glory Road because of erection connection (