Morning report

* Legacy media had a lucrative 2012, notes David Carr. (“The sky over traditional media is blue and it’s raining green.”) (
* Jay Rosen: News consumers are starting to exercise a kind of veto over the default construction of newsroom objectivity. (
images* Watch the “60 Minutes” report on the Times-Picayune. ( | T-P editor’s note to readers. (
* Journal News reporters are warned in notes about being shot while walking to their cars. (
* Social media is “a great equalizer” when it comes to hiring at NPR. (
* Reddit needs to be careful not to ruin the community that made it successful. (
* Fox Business Network’s Peter Barnes “is not just any working journalist; he is a resilient risk-taker.” (
* “PR doesn’t have to lament the rise of pageview journalism.” (
* Atlantic Media’s Quartz business site hits 1.4 million uniques in December. (
* Washington Post Co.’s Everett Daily Herald lays off six staffers, including four in the newsroom. (
* Liberal and conservative magazines unite to share office space. (