Morning report

* This tweet about NBA refs cost Mark Cuban $50,000. (
* Longtime Conde Nast publicist Maurie Perl is pushed out. “She’s more than a publicist,” says Tina Brown. “She’s a consiglieri. No one can see all the angles like her.” ( | (
* Bloomberg News wins January Sidney Award for its tale of two McDonald’s. ( | (
nixon* Richard Nixon owed his career to the Los Angeles Times and its political editor, Kyle Palmer. (
* A college degree is required, too! “For 2 articles per week, each 1,500 words, you will be paid $200.” (
* Unemployed political cartoonist goes directly to readers for funding. (
* “Come and see what we’re building,” Facebook tells the media. It’s not known what the company will unveil on Tuesday. (
* Changes are coming to your Facebook Timeline. (
* Research firm predicts tablets will outsell laptops this year. (
* Recruitment advertising in Ivy League college newspapers drops significantly. (