GateHouse newspapers cut coffee service, office supplies, paper plates and other items

Chazy Dowaliby, editor of GateHouse Media‘s Patriot Ledger and Brockton Enterprise, sent this belt-tightening memo (no more company-supplied coffee and other items) to her staffers on Friday:


As part of a broader effort to contribute to our general economic position as we develop new revenue strategies across the company, we are asking your cooperation with expense saving measures — effective immediately

1. Absolutely NO overtime without prior approval from an editor. This means you need to advise the editor on duty of your need to work overtime AT LEAST ONE HOUR IN ADVANCE of your shift ending. This includes those covering breaking news events. (If your usual editor is not immediately available, please email This email reaches all Enterprise and Ledger editors. You may also call the Ledger newsroom.

2. No meals, entertainment, food or other miscellaneous expenses may be incurred without prior approval from an editor.

3. We will no longer be able to supply coffee service in our newsrooms. We will use up whatever supplies are currently on hand. I suggest you bring in a mug or your own disposable cups. We do have a drip coffee machine available, if you wish to collect for, buy supplies and brew by the pot. Please ask me or Diana for a machine.

4. We will not be able to provided paper plates, plastic cutlery, cups or napkins.

5. We will not be replacing general office supplies in the short term. Please conserve use of paper for copy machines. There really is no need to print 10, 20 30 pages of materials which can be downloaded or aren’t vital to story reporting or page proofing. Please also consider absolute need before printing in color.

Every small action on you part does result in a contribution toward greater savings. If you have any ideas on how else we might make some short or long term economies, please send them to me.

I appreciate your cooperation and thank you in advance for helping us all through this challenging period.


While Gatehouse can’t find money to buy coffee and office supplies, it managed to scrounge up $800,000 for CEO Michael Reed’s year-end bonus.