Morning report

What the Times says about Philadelphia journalist Ellen Gray’s tweet:

We are simply revisiting concepts for how to package our core digital subscription bundles and/or potentially introduce new paid products as we close in on two years after the digital subscription launch. Like always, we rely on consumer research.

* In Australia, the number of people saying they have “no trust at all” in newspapers hits a new high of 15%. In 2010, it was only 5%. ( via @mathewi)
* CJR post about the decline of longform journalism in major newspapers “generated a fair measure of hostility.” (
* CNN’s Tom Foreman writes to President Obama daily. In Year Four, “it seemed many days as if I’d already said everything I had to say and then some.” (
* Financial Times moves to a “digital first” strategy and cuts 25 positions. (
* The inauguration on 94 newspaper front pages. ( | How college newspapers handled the event. (
* Ethan Sattler, 13, was the youngest member of the inauguration press corps. (
* NFL cities have as many black sports editors as black coaches. (
* “A correction unlike any other.” (@bgrueskin)
* AP business reporter fooled by fake LinkedIn account. (
noguns* Groupon halts all current and future gun-related deals. (
* Ed Sherman’s prediction: “This won’t be the last time Deadspin nails a big one.” (
* “‘Is the photographer going to be in here the whole time?’ Manti Te’o asked. That was my cue to leave.” (
* NYT standards editor: “People seem to think we should have a long list of approved words and another one of banned words. We don’t.” (
* Pew: Free access to the Internet is now nearly as important to library patrons as borrowing books. (
* William R. Hearst III is named Hearst Corp. chairman. (