Jonathan Eig’s ChicagoSide sports site partners with Sun-Times

ChicagoSide, a sports site launched last spring by former Wall Street Journal reporter Jonathan Eig, has signed a partnership deal with the Chicago Sun-Times.

Eig tells me that the Sun-Times on Mondays will run two pages of ChicagoSide content. His writers, who are normally paid $50 per story, will get $200 when they’re also published in the Sun-Times.

“The funny thing would be if the Sun-Times picks up a Mariotti column or two!” writes the person who tipped me off to the Sun-Times/ChicagoSide partnership.

Mariotti, who resigned from the Sun-Times in 2008, was called “a rat” by Roger Ebert for quitting the paper the way he did, and “a coward in clubhouses” by Sun-Times sportswriter Chris De Luca.

De Luca is now Sun-Times sports editor. I asked him yesterday if there’s any chance he’ll pick up Mariotti’s columns. His response:

“Zero chance of that happening.”