Morning report

* Joe Sexton resigns as New York Times sports editor and joins ProPublica as senior editor. (

From: Sexton, Joseph
Sent: Wednesday, January 23, 2013 10:34 PM
To: !NYHQ-spt-staff
Subject: Is there a foto

Joe Sexton

Joe Sexton

Big enough to capture my affection and admiration for you all. 6 columns? 12? Truth is there is not space enough to contain my regard for you.

I’ve received a great offer; I leave you and the nyt burdened only by a great debt — of thanks and wonder. I’m in in the am. Available to chat, and I hope to sound sensible. I’m excited and sad. Hey, I’m Joe. What did you expect? With love, j

* Ad Age finally has an iPad app. (
* Not on par with the Journal News, but… Chicago Tribune also heard from readers about guns — and ran a correction. (
* More information than you could possibly want on the NYT crossword puzzle. (@veltman)
* Court case against mugshot websites raises First Amendment issues. (
* Why hyperlocal websites like recently shuttered New Raleigh can’t make money. (
* Dear Yahoo News: The boy who got a standing ovation from classmates did not come out as lesbian, bi, or transgendered; he’s G — not LGBT. (
* CBS veteran Bob Schieffer to join TV Hall of Fame. (
* Ex-Daily Beaster Mark Miller is named Hollywood Reporter deputy editorial director. (
* Lessons from New York Times’ app graveyard. (