Ben Yagoda claims The New Republic ‘borrowed’ from his ‘lady resurgence’ piece

Letter to Romenesko

From BEN YAGODA: The new-look New Republic may be cool and rich and everything, but the extent to which its piece (posted yesterday) about the resurgence of the word “lady”ladies borrowed (that is the polite word) from the piece Maria Yagoda and I wrote on the same subject for the Chronicle of Higher Education, posted 11/29, was way out of line.

In addition to the topic itself (not insignificant), TNR’s piece had virtually the same title, made most of the same points, and, most shockingly of all, started off with the same embedded clip from HBO’s “Girls” that we started off with.

See for yourself:

Our piece, “Hey, ‘Lady’!”.

Their piece, “Hey ‘Ladies'” (omitting the comma actually makes the title worse).

Ben Yagoda

I’ve asked “Hey Ladies” author Ann Friedman and The New Republic to respond.

UPDATE: New Republic editor FRANKLIN FOER writes: “When we titled Ann Friedman’s piece ‘Hey, Ladies,’ we were name checking a song by the Beastie Boys. We hadn’t seen Ben Yagoda’s piece in the Chronicle of Higher Education. If we both arrived at the same subject independently, well, that’s why they call it a trend.”