NPR reporter’s graffiti confession

“Did you hear Eleanor Beardsley on NPR yesterday?” writes a Romenesko reader who doesn’t want to be named. “She spent over 5 minutes on the air ranting about dog poop on sidewalks in Paris and admitted she spray paints sidewalks there to call attention to it.”Unknown-1

Here’s what she said:

I made a cardboard, cutout stencil that said, “Be Proud of Paris!” and sprayed it next to the piles, thinking I could shame people into picking up. When that didn’t seem to work, I just circled the patties in bright red paint and wrote “Shame!” next to them.

“It was funny, but odd,” my emailer writes. “I wonder how many other reporters could brag of spreading graffiti.”

I’m waiting to hear back from Beardsley and NPR spokeswoman Anna Christopher.

* In Paris, a hunt for those who dodge dog duties (