NPR’s Eleanor Beardsley: ‘My tags wash out in the rain now’

I did a post Monday about NPR Paris correspondent Eleanor Beardsley spray-painting the city’s sidewalks to call attention to the dog feces problem.

Here’s her response to my email:

(Credit: Eleanor Beardsley)

(Credit: Eleanor Beardsley)

Yes i agree that fighting illegal dog poo with illegal tags is rather odd.

And there were moments, as I crouched over a pile with my gold paint, when i wondered if the police might come up and question what i was doing. But i was ready to give them what for! “How dare you stop me when you do nothing about these jerks leaving their filth on the streets!” I would imagine myself saying.

But seriously, you cannot imagine how this dog poo situation assualts your senses and your sanity, day after day. I was getting out of my car just yesterday and barely missed stepping into a big squishy pile! So, that is the context of my tagging. And I did originally look for washable paint. But when i couldn’t find any, i went for the gold, glitter permanent stuff.

But I must confess that after a week or so, I found some red hair spray and have switched to that. So all my tags do wash out in the rain now.

Here are some photos. Gold permanent, red washable.

Thanks for your interest!

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