Morning report

* World-Herald columnist solves the mystery of the Great Omaha Manhole Fire Photo of 2013. (
* “Fantastic reporting” by Reuters takes down Chesapeake Energy’s swashbuckling CEO. (
* The dumb questions that reporters ask on Super Bowl media day. ( | (
* Jeff Zucker wastes no time in trying to rebuild CNN. ( | ( | (
* Al Gore defends selling Current TV to “respected and capable” Al Jazeera. (AP via
* Poynter Institute reports a $3.8 million loss in 2011 vs. a $109,000 loss the year before. (
tnr* Jack Shafer advises New Republic owner Chris Hughes to stop playing journalist. (
* A media reporter counts The New Republic’s ad pages. (
* Time Inc. layoffs are coming today; up to 700 people are expected to lose jobs. (
* MSNBC is reviewing its claim that a Sandy Hook victim’s father was heckled. (
* How the Seattle Times was able to send reporter Melissa Allison to India for a Starbucks series. (
* New York Post’s website is getting a much-needed makeover. (
* A former Orange County Register staffer takes a long look at the revitalized newspaper. (
* Matt K. Lewis: I hate the “meaner and coarser” Twitter. (
* A New York Observer reader fires up the old Olivetti and types a cute letter to the editor. (