Newspaper owner fires business-side staffers to boost editorial

Last Wednesday, Los Angeles Times reporter Martha Groves profiled the 33-year-old real estate entrepreneur and newspaper junkie who bought the Palisadian-Post — I called Alan Smolinisky “the most enthusiastic newspaper owner in America” — and pledged to continue weekly’s “journalistic excellence.”

Groves updates Romenesko readers: On Thursday, Smolinisky dismissed his circulation manager, business manager/controller, graphic designer and publisher so he could beef up editorial.

Groves writes in an email:

As a result of the cost savings, the Palisadian-Post was able to restore writers and editors to full-time hours after several years of reduced hours and pay.smol The editorial staff was also given more color pages and a bigger budget for several new features that they have wanted to do for years. Alan also said every employee was given a raise for the first time in at least seven years. They don’t make much. I know of a seasoned journalist who worked there briefly for a salary in the $20Ks. Kind of shocking.

I left a message for Smolinisky, who wasn’t in his office when I called this afternoon.

* Pacific Palisades newspaper junkie buys his own paper (