Lots of buzz for Unemployed Reporter beer (but no inventory)

Former Hartford Advocate writer Jon Campbell’s Unemployed Reporter beer has gotten a lot of social media attention in recent days. (Food/drink blogs are also writing about it.) Too bad the brew’s not available at a liquor store near you.

The beer label.

The beer label.

“Lots of folks are expressing interest, certainly, but this is really a hobby more than anything,” Campbell tells Romenesko readers, adding that he’s “exploring” the possibility of putting out a limited edition brew. “I’m glad people got a kick out of the label, and that’s really what I was going for.”

His label says that “we’ve included chocolate and roasted barley malts that are as dark and bitter as the future of American journalism, and a high alcohol content designed to numb the pain of a slow, inexorable march toward obsolescence. While Unemployed Reporter is especially delicious as a breakfast beer, it’s still smooth enough to be enjoyed all day, every day. And let’s be honest: what else do you have going on?”

* Former Hartford Advocate writer brews Unemployed Reporter beer (ct.now)
* Former Press-Register layout editor is now brewing beer (blog.al.com)

UPDATE: Russ Kendall tells me he quit the Bellingham Herald in December after 7-plus years and started a mobile Neapolitan pizza business.

“Honestly, I haven’t been this happy in years,” he writes. “By leaving newspapers my income will at least double and my stress levels have plummeted. I already have over 75 events on the 2013 schedule and am getting catering requests left and right. I’m going to stop taking new clients once I get to 100 events. I feel so much better about this new work. Feeding people seems more meaningful to me.”

How about serving Unemployed Reporter with your pies, Russ?