Morning report

* Prediction: Vine will be the next great newsgathering tool. ( | ( | (
* “On Point” host Tom Ashbrook brings new zest to NPR. (
* Alan Mutter on how mobile coupons could clip newspapers. (
* Frank Rich: “I’m proud to be on the NRA enemies list.” (
* Prof’s study shows Facebook unfriending has real-life consequences. ( | Prof’s earlier unfriending study: (

-- From the Wellsville (NY) Daily Reporter (h/t @heyfeifer)

— From the Wellsville (NY) Daily Reporter (h/t @heyfeifer)

* An investigative journalist demands that her public tweets not be published. (
* First look at Kristina O’Neill’s WSJ. Magazine. (
* “Best thing I’ve seen all week”: A publisher rejects a manuscript in 1944 because of a paper shortage. (@jonathancape)
* “Motivated” newspapers often don’t get the best price for their real estate holdings. (
* NYT’s standards editor on the many misuses of “like.” (
* AJR editor doubts even the Onion would touch zany “skeetgate.” (
* The tech nerd in Go Daddy’s Super Bowl ad talks to Adweek about his new fame. (
* An outdoors writer who once received a death threat over a waterfowl hunting story dies at 96. (