Wall Street Journal seeks more ‘fun brites’

What the memo says: Wall Street Journal national editor Jennifer Forsyth tells colleagues to “please have your reporters who write primarily for usnews to please look for spot news, short sidebars and fun brites that could run in the 250 to 350 word range. Our bosses want the section to be chock full of news, not all longer features. This really shouldn’t be hard. Most reporters can dash off a brief from their beats or areas of coverage fairly easily several times a week when they start thinking this way.”

What WSJ’s spokeswoman says: “The length of a story has never been a testament to the quality of The Wall Street Journal. We remain the number one newspaper in the country. From long-form narratives to scoops such as the U.S. lawsuit against S&P to short inside stories, we consistently seek a variety of ways to engage and inform our readers.”

* WSJ reporters urged to write more short stories, “fun brites” (huffingtonpost.com)