Morning report

Unknown* New York Times Co. posts “ho-hum” fourth-quarter numbers, reports slow digital growth. (paidContent via | ( | (NYT Co. release)
* Wall Street likes NYT’s report. Shares are up 9% (at last look). (
* Single-copy sales of U.S. consumer magazines were down 8.2% in the second half of 2012; paid subs were up slightly. (
* Digital now comprises about 2.4% of the magazine industry’s total circulation. A year ago, digital was under 1%. (
* Lawyer who quit Drew Peterson’s legal team sues the Chicago Tribune, Patch and others for libel. (
* Jason Whitlock is disappointed to learn he can’t win a Pulitzer this year. (
* Boston Globe starts limiting social-media sharing. (
* Robin Roberts is returning to “Good Morning America” on Feb. 20. (
* NYT reminds us – again and again – that former pro boxer Michael Olajide Jr.’s fitness classes are popular with the fashionable set. (
* Woman who was prepped to be heir apparent to the Tribune Company dies. Ruth Tankersley was 91. (
* Young people — the “asset-light” generation — don’t want to own CDs, haul around books, or subscribe to publications.(