Teri Buhl threatens to sue over photo use

On Tuesday, Teri Buhl asked if she could use my site to respond to Techdirt, which reported that she was threatening to sue a lawyer for publishing her tweets.

I let her do that.

Teri Buhl

Teri Buhl

Today, Buhl is threatening to sue me for using the photo from her Twitter page. She says she owns the image and never gave me or others permission to publish it. She adds that she’s going to file a small claims suit against Mark Bennett and Techdirt for keeping the photo on their sites after being told to take it down.

“I don’t want add you the same list [sic],” she writes. “I’m asking Poynter and Knight to do the same thing today before I file.”

My response to her: “Really, Teri?”

She replied:

yes really Jim – I am going to push it. It’s a matter a principle I am sick of other publications lifting other jurnos ideas, photos, words etc… and printing them on their publications with out permission or proper credit with links etcc. I think it’s an issue that should have been challenged a long time ago. I took the photo I own it etc…

She pointed out in another email: “USC’s publication agreed to take it down yesterday.”

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UPDATE: Gizmodo has posted her photo, too, and says Buhl “needs a lesson on the law and common decency and the Internet.”

UPDATE 2: She’s apparently using Hearst’s photo without permission on TeriBuhl.com, according to a former executive producer for the Hearst Connecticut Media Group who once worked with Buhl.