Evening report

* Ezra Klein’s “an incredible operator,” a Washington editor tells The New Republic. “You only have to watch him work a party. He moves right to the most important people there.” (newrepublic.com)
* Every journalism job should have a bonus structure, says Chris Seper. (linkedin.com)
* Why it’s smart for The Verge to publish a print edition. (pro.gigaom.com)

Chuck Todd

Chuck Todd

* Meet Chuck Todd, the Labrador retriever. (washingtonian.com)
* Tina Brown loses her iPad design director. (capitalnewyork.com)
* “Not a fake”: NYT’s John Broder defends his Tesla review. (nytimes.com) | (theatlanticwire.com)
* Donner news prompts Los Angeles Times to pull its “Southland” campaign. (apple.copydesk.com)
* Chicago journalists girding for a fight over Grid name. (timeoutchicago.com)
* “In Cold Blood” was not “immaculately factual” after all. (online.wsj.com)
* Milwaukee news director defends anchors’ store appearance for a groceries-giveaway promotion. (bizjournals.com)