Stephen Colbert learns that the pope has resigned (and HuffPo has ‘actual news’)

I finally got around to watching Monday’s “Colbert Report” and laughed when Stephen Colbert talked about the Huffington Post and the pope’s resignation. Here’s what he said:

popeThis morning I did what I always do – I went on Huffington Post to get my rage levels up and to check out the latest adorable panda nip-slips. But when I was there, I saw something truly shocking: actual news!

According to their 72-point font, POPE OUT. Naturally, I was shocked. The pope came out of the closet? I mean, it makes sense — the guy hadn’t had a girlfriend in like forever and he’s a total catch. But it turned out to be something much more shocking. [He cuts to a Fox News report on the pope’s resignation.] Resigned? The pope is quitting? Popes don’t quit. God has a way of telling when it’s time to retire. It’s called death.

* Colbert learns about the pope’s resignation from The Huffington Post (