Morning report

* Winners of the George Polk Awards are announced. (Three awards for New York Times and two for Bloomberg News.) (
* Reader’s Digest files for bankruptcy – again – to cut $465 million in debt. (
linked* Over 80,000 people bragged on Twitter about having most-viewed LinkedIn profiles. (
* A country bumpkin about to marry the sophisticated city slicker? WSJ on the Time Inc./Meredith deal: (
* A freelance conservative columnist quits the Courier-Journal after his piece advising editors how to run the paper is spiked. (
* Joe Weisenthal is promoted to executive editor at Business Insider; Henry Blodget remains editor-in-chief. (
* “An outpouring of support” for the Marquette University Tribune print edition after cuts are announced. (
* Robert Draper discusses his NYT Magazine cover story about two young conservative techies. ( | Here’s what the guys published in college: (
* A photographer explains how he got his picture of Oscar Pistorius crying in court. (
* Dave Maass, one of San Diego’s best investigative reporters, moves to San Francisco to join EFF. (
* At “stylish” Wired magazine, “there are quite a few gentlemen who dress up in ties and ladies in dresses.” (
* Why there isn’t a more attractive version of Craigslist: (
* RIP Jimmy the Newsfish, Edmonton Journal’s newsroom mascot. (
* The latest Entertainment Weekly says a new documentary “is for hardcore Dahmer obsessives only.” I ran into those people 21 years ago. (my_magazine_work)