Morning report

* Rupert Murdoch would be “terrifically interested” in the Boston Globe, says biographer Michael Wolff. ( | Bloomberg’s added as the 26th possible buyer. (
* Globe columnist: “Who knows, maybe Sir Rupert will throw his hat in the ring. Stranger things have happened.” (
* Meet your 2013 Pulitzer judges. (They start their work today.) (
* Washington Post reports 2012 earnings of $131.2 million (17.39 a share) — up 13% from 2011. (

- Indiana Daily Student headline

– Indiana Daily Student headline

* How petty! Scranton’s ABC affiliate refuses to run a Dunder Mifflin ad during the Oscars. ( | Scranton paper’s coverage: (
* Indiana Daily Student editor: Why we have a 120-point, bold headline on page one today. ( | Here’s the PDF version: (
* Andrew Sullivan: “If journalism is not understood to be separate from advertising, then it has lost something incredibly important in a democratic society.” (
* Iowa governor claims the Des Moines Register is waging a campaign against him. (
* Knife-wielding chef who appeared on Boston Phoenix’s cover is arrested for stabbing a man in the leg. (
* CNBC to guests: No same-day appearances on Fox Business or Bloomberg TV. (
* New York Observer staffers are warming up to new editor Ken Kurson, but still cautious. (
* I was wrong. Elon Musk did not discuss the New York Times on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” last night. (
* How film students made the eagle-snatches-baby video that got 42 million views. (
* Writer Ruth Graham wants NYT to find more people who go to church as a part of their “Sunday Routine.” (