Quote of the day: ‘I had a great porn collection. I ain’t ashamed of it’

People tell reporters the darndest things.

I learned that as a rookie cops reporter investigating claims that the Milwaukee Police Department was using questionable methods to arrest men for soliciting prostitutes. Guys told me about their hooker budgets (x-dollars per month allowance), why they frequented prostitutes (“not getting it at home,” etc.); and what their fetishes were. (The story landed on the Milwaukee Journal’s front page.)

Earlie Johnson enjoys wine -- and porn

Earlie Johnson enjoys wine — and porn

Today, Jonathan Stoner has an MLive.com story about the theft of Earlie Johnson’s “priceless” porn collection. The reporter was able to get the crime victim to tell him the darndest things about his lifestyle – and apparently without much convincing. (Did that glass of wine seen in the photo get Johnson to veer into Too Much Information territory?)

“It was worth — to be straight up — $7,500 dollars,” Johnson said of his porn collection. (He says the collection was appraised by the CD Exchange in Holland, but “it was done a couple years ago so they may not remember.”)

The self-described “Hugh Hefner of Muskegon” — “I appreciate all beautiful women. Ain’t no doubt” — says he’s starting over again and bringing his adult-items stash into the 21st century. “I will be getting my porn in Blu-Ray,” Johnson tells Stoner. “The haters aren’t gonna stop me from collecting again. ….“I had a [great] porn collection. I ain’t ashamed of it.”



Stoner tweets this morning: “Sad to say this is my most wildly popular story to date.”

It will be hard to top, too, Jon.

Watch WZZM-TV’s report on the porn-collection theft.

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* “The Hugh Hefner of Muskegon” loses $7,500 porn collection to thief (mlive.com)