‘Is the Onion legit?’ asks Robin Leach

Here we go again…

The Onion recently reported that the new Miss America is “in danger of losing crown after officials uncover details from her sordid future.”

Of course, everyone knows that Onion stories are satire. Well, everyone but Robin Leach.
The gossip columnist and former “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” host saw the Onion’s report and tweeted: “Huge scandal breaking re newly crowned Miss America Mallory Hagan @phvegas Jan. 12,” and “Title & tiara to be removed? Will Miss South Carolina…Ali Rogers take over as the drug pinup videos story busts wide open?”

Review-Journal columnist Norm Clarke writes: “Leach quickly deleted his tweets after someone apparently informed him the story by The Onion, a notorious satirical publication, might not be real news. …Instead of checking with his followers after he ran it, it might have been a better idea to check Google before posting it.”

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