Afternoon report

dollarFolio posts the results of its annual magazine editorial salaries survey.

Men — Editor-in-chief: $100,800; executive editor: $84,200; senior editor: $63,600.
Women — Editor-in-chief: $85,100; executive editor: $85,700; senior editor: $58,200.

* A five-year look at magazine editorial salaries. (

* Sheldon Adelson sues the Wall Street Journal reporter for libel. (
* The owner of SF Weekly, Bay Guardian and Examiner “has gone out of his way to make himself notorious.” (
* Former Onion staffers blast CEO’s apology — “the first time The Onion has ever retracted anything and run a real apology‬.” ( | Read their parody apology. (
* The Onion’s CEO did the right thing, says Rem Rieder. (USA Today via
* International Herald Tribune becomes International New York Times this fall. (
* Michael Wolff is surprised that “such a primitive product” like Craigslist has lasted so long. (
* Author of NYT Magazine story on addictive foods: “I got calls from doctors saying if you want to see something really deplorable, look at hospital cafeteria food.” (
* Hundreds of Seattle Times readers react to the news that the paper will charge $4/week for a digital subscription. (
* Why traditional news outlets won’t buy the Boston Globe. (
* What recently newspaper industry developments might mean for Twin Cities newspapers. (
* Gizmodo editor Joe Brown returns to Wired as New York editor. (
* Detroit newspaper employees finally get raises. (
andrew* How long will it take Andrew Sullivan to raise the remaining $300,000 or so that he says he needs? (
*’s Raju Narisetti is promoted to a News Corp. strategy post. (
* CUNY Graduate School of Journalism dean Stephen B. Shepard is stepping down at the end of the year. (
* Cincinnati Enquirer investigative reporter Barry Horstman collapses and dies in the newsroom. (