Washington Post photographer’s award rescinded

-- image via nppa.org

— Original photo on top; altered below. Via nppa.org

The White House News Photographers Association rescinded an award given to Washington Post photographer Tracy Woodward after learning that his “State Champion” photo was altered. Woodward recently received an Award of Excellence in the 2013 WHNPA “Eyes of History” stills photo contest in the Sports Feature/Reaction category.

Washington Post photography director MaryAnne Golon says: “The Post’s ethics policy prohibits the manipulation of photographs, and we have taken action in accordance with that policy.”

What kind of action? “I can’t discuss his status at this time …It’s an internal personnel matter.”

Golon also told News Photographer magazine today that the Post didn’t enter Woodward’s photograph into the WHNPA contest, that the photographer prepared and submitted his own entry. Then when Post editors discovered that the altered picture had been entered in the contest, she said, they informed WHNPA and the Post withdrew the image.

Woodward joined the Post in 1997 after working at the Washington Times and military publications.

* WHNPHA disqualifies altered photo, award rescinded (nppa.org)