Larry Flynt: ‘Print media is on its way out’

Thoughts from Hustler founder Larry Flynt:

hustler“I think magazines are becoming passé. They’ll always be around for people who enjoy that coffee table copy of their favorite magazines, but for the most part I think print media is on its way out, including us for that matter.”

fox“We pay a price for everything and the price we pay to live in a free society is toleration. We have to tolerate things that we don’t necessarily like so we can be free. I tolerate Fox News, for example.”

“We went after stories that we’ve felt were important over the years, and the best way of getting information is to offer a reward.”

nochargeHe’s no Jonah Lehrer: Flynt isn’t charging Syracuse University for his talk there tomorrow, which he’s promoting on Twitter. He’s taking care of his travel expenses, too. (Consider him for a panel discussion booking, Knight Foundation?)

Follow the Syracuse event via #FightingforFirst.

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