Is that what we think it is, New Yorker?

nycoverAn email exchange —

Tipster: “Have you looked really closely at the New Yorker cover this week?”
I look.
Me: “Help me out. I don’t see anything suspicious.”
Tipster: “Look at his right hand.”
I look at the cover again.
Me: “OK, I see the hand …. and see nothing unusual.”
I looked a third time and finally saw what the tipster was referring to.
Tipster: “An editor pointed out it looked like he was grabbing something other than the newspaper. I didn’t see it at first. Could just be the power of suggestion.”

Cover artist Barry Blitt says: “Oy vey. Not intentional. [cross my heart]”

* New Yorker for March 11, 2013; cover by Barry Blitt