Steve Brill: I believe people who supply valuable information will get paid for it

Steve Brill tells the staffers at ProPublica: “I love the success that you guys have had, but I always have this sort of fear that if journalism depends on the kindness of strangers at large that’s a real problem.”

He also told them:

Steve Brill

Steve Brill

“I deserve to do community services. I am the person who brought Nancy Grace to television.”

“If you don’t start to get paid by the people who are using the stuff as opposed to the advertisers, you don’t have a business model. I think the [Wall Street] Journal’s going to find that out with all the video they’re doing, which I have trouble imagining a lot of people are watching.”

* “If you put some of the [ProPublica] people in this room in charge of Fortune Magazine they can make it work. The [Boston] Globe is a different kind of challenge because regional, big metropolitan newspapers are being picked to death by more local websites.”

* Regarding his Time cover story: “The reaction to this thing has been by multiples heavier than anything I’ve written. Again, this affects everybody.”

* “I continue to believe that somehow, some way, that people who supply important, valuable information are going to get paid for it.”

* Steve Brill on healthcare and media in America (