Mayor’s camp accuses reporter of ‘sneaking’ around town, offers prize to people who spot him


This “Wanted” poster with the mug of Middletown (NY) Times Herald-Record reporter John Sullivan is in the window of Washingtonville (NY) Mayor Kevin Hudson’s campaign offices. It reads:

This is the Times Herald Record reporter
This man sneaks around our Village
Without his ID shown and smears
Your Mayor and Village!
Call if you have a recent sighting of this man
You will be entered into a contest
for a $50 gift card
Drawing to be held on 3/19/2013 @ 12 noon

Pocono Record executive editor Chris Mele, who tipped me off to this, writes: “As John’s former editor at the Times Herald-Record, I can tell you he’s a stand-up, gutsy guy who quietly, diligently goes about doing his job. Since we are the THR’s sister paper, I’ve been following John’s coverage from afar, and it’s been arrow-straight.”

I’ve asked Sullivan if he wants to discuss his “Wanted” status. UPDATE — The reporter says in an email: “The policy of the paper is to keep reporter out of the news. It’s one I agree with.”

* Say what, Mr. Mayor? (editorial and “Wanted” poster) (

UPDATE: One of my Facebook wall commenters writes: “Apparently Sullivan’s crimes include reporting that the mayor gave himself a $4,000 [raise] and gave thousands in overtime to his cronies.” | Here’s the story.