Morning report for March 14, 2013

* Joe Biden’s press office apologizes for demanding that a reporter delete photos taken at a public event. Reporter Jeremy Barr’s editor in the Washington bureau of Capital News Service calls the incident a “clear violation of the First Amendment …. uncalled for and completely wrong.” ( | (
* The new Time magazine company is expected to start with $500 million to $1 billion in debt. (
* Rem Rieder: Not all’s bleak for magazines despite Time’s plan. (
Unknown-1* Google, don’t turn off Reader. Signed, The Internet. (
* Google Reader is going away; here are five good alternatives. (
* Laura Hazard Owen: I need Google Reader to do my job. (
* “Mr. Magazine” and Robert Sacks spar over print vs. digital. (
* Detroit journalists debate fairness of Charlie LeDuff brawling/urinating coverage. (
* A “journalism junkie” and “New York nerd” critiques the Tom Hanks Broadway journalism play. (
* Paul Lukas’s tweets will appear in the next Madden game. (EA Sports says he can help write them.) (
* Anna Wintour’s said to be “restless” and has a “desire for a new adventure.” (
* ABC News faces libel lawsuit over Orange County Internet-dating story. (
* Ed Schultz surprises MSNBC viewers by announcing that tonight’s “The Ed Show” will be the last. (
* No sweat, Chef Jose; I see people steal newspapers at Starbucks all the time. (@chefjoseandres)
* Letters: Roy Harris sees Murdoch in a pope photo; Ex-Philly Inquirer music critic is willing to write for free, if… (Romenesko Letters)
* Accuracy in Media says it doesn’t agree with Cliff Kincaid’s assertion that it’s impossible to be both gay and conservative. (