Chicago Tribune drops ‘Shoe’


“Shoe” was written and drawn by the late Chicago Tribune cartoonist Jeff MacNelly from 1977 until his death in 2000. I’ve asked Tribune associate managing editor/entertainment Geoff Brown to tell us more about the decision to drop its legendary ex-cartoonist’s creation.

UPDATE: “Chicago Tribune continuously aims to enhance the reader experience by making improvements to content offerings,” Brown writes in an email. “In an effort to provide fresh humor and interactivity, we’re adding a crossword puzzle, trivia game and new cartoon.”

I asked him how “Shoe” did in reader surveys. “Our customer reader research is proprietary, so I can’t share the data with you.”

* Chicago Tribune announces changes in comics and puzzles (
* June 9, 2000: Chicago Tribune’s Jeff MacNelly — creator of “Shoe” — dies at 52

UPDATE 2: “I knew Jeff,” former Greensboro News & Record editor John Robinson writes on my Facebook wall. “Given what has and is happening at the Tribune, he’d likely be happy to be rid of it.”