Noted: Utah’s governor and attorney general are not a ‘gay couple’

A Romenesko reader sent this screenshot from Wednesday’s 5 p.m. KUTV (Salt Lake City) newscast. She writes:

The two pictured on the screen are high-ranking state politicians. The man on the left is John Swallow, the state’s embattled attorney general. Gary Herbert, the governor, is on the right.

Needless to say (this is Utah, right?), neither of the Republican lawmakers are fans of gay marriage or, probably, gay people in general.


The AG’s media rep, Paul Murphy, thinks “it’s pretty funny.” He writes in an email: “Attorney General John Swallow also thought it was hilarious. I don’t think anyone in Utah will mistake the Governor and the Attorney General as one of the ‘gay couples’ filing the lawsuit.” (I’ve also invited the governor’s spokesman to comment.)

I also called the KUTV newsroom and was told that news director Jennifer Dahl will want to comment when she gets out of a meeting. I’m still waiting for her call back. [FRIDAY UPDATE: Still waiting.]

* Gay couples sue Utah for the right to marry (
* Utah’s governor was the keynote speaker at a “traditional marriage” rally (