Morning report for April 5, 2013

tributes* Sun-Times editorial: We felt intense pride in being journalists here simply because Roger was one of us. ( | More from Roger Ebert’s newspaper: (
* “He personified the paper and was its heart and soul,” writes former Sun-Timesman Robert Feder. (
* Chicago Tribune on Siskel and Ebert: “Cancer claimed them both, 14 years apart.” (
* Tribune’s Michael Phillips: “Right away Roger presented himself as a colleague, then a champion, later a friend.” (
* “Ebert was one of us,” writes Michael Miner. “He just had a neater job.” (
* Ebert’s Twitter brilliance helped him find a new generation of fans. (
* “I became a newspaperman because of Roger,” writes Roger Simon. (
* The Daily Illini reprints its former editor-in-chief’s columns from the early 1960s. (
* Watch last night’s Chicago public TV station tribute to Ebert. (

* Longreads teams up with the Atlantic, but remains an independent company and editorial team. (
* Columbia j-school’s Bill Grueskin on reporting in a social media world. (
* Cleveland Plain Dealer alums react to news that the paper is cutting home-delivery days. (
* Jeff Bezos makes “a significant investment” in Business Insider. (
ali* Ali Velshi will anchor a primetime business show on Al Jazeera America. ( | (
* NCAA cuts floor seating for reporters covering the Final Four. (
* Daily Tar Heel’s sexual assault coverage page explained. (
* Anna Wintour tries to revitalize Brides and Lucky. (
* University of Cape Town student paper apologizes for its most-attractive-race poll. (