College adds ‘graphic and violent’ warning sticker to literary journal

violentAdministrators at Chaffey College in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, took copies of an English class literary publication out of the school bookstore and attached “graphic and violent” warning stickers on the covers.

The warning seems to link the content in the Chaffey Review to the Sandy Hook school shootings — something that puzzles students because the contributions aren’t very “graphic and violent.”

Beau Yarbrough reports:

The 239-page volume is not short on sexual content – including paintings of a woman in bondage gear, a nude man with a bear head and another painting that substitutes Popsicles for male genitals – [but] there is little content relating to overt violence.

The community college’s PR woman says “I’m not sure if it was one particular person or one particular photo or article” that prompted the addition of the cover sticker. “We’re trying to protect the college.”

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