AP distributed ‘Pressure Cooker Redeems Itself’ story before Boston bombings

-- Wednesday's Victorville (CA) Daily Press

— Wednesday’s Victorville (CA) Daily Press

Several readers have sent me their local newspapers’ food sections with an AP story on pressure cookers written by food editor J.M. Hirsch.

“See attached for Section D (Food and Drink) of the Victorville (CA) Daily Press’ Wednesday edition that has a huge headline that reads “Pressure Cooker Redeems Itself” and a feature on pressure cookers!” writes Stev Ulrecht. “Readers are disgusted here to say the least.”

I asked Daily Press editor David Keck if this was printed before Monday and if he’s hearing from readers about it. “Yes to both,” he writes in an email. “The food page was designed in advance and we received eight or 10 calls/emails complaining. Most were somewhat understanding because they realized the food page was built in advance. Still, it’s a bad break we should have caught.”

AP’s Hirsch tells Romenesko readers:

As with most recipes the AP moves on the wire, I began working on that piece several months ago. It moved on the wire last Friday.

Given this week’s events in Boston, that obviously turned out to be horribly unfortunate timing. AP’s members often hold our food stories for use weeks or even months after we run them.

To date, I have not heard any concerns from readers regarding this.

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